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Perhaps I’m a BIT premature here but I’ve started creating some fall centerpieces for my kitchen table. Yes, I get that it’s only August 31st  (technically still summer in many people’s eyes), and as my husband keeps on reminding me the first day of Fall isn’t until September 22nd, but this weather up north would have sure have you fooled! Being from the South, these cool days and nights have me thinking it’s already October.

Fall Centerpieces @ The Sassy Momma

Now don’t get me wrong: I LOVE this cool weather! I spent the past 4 years in Dallas where it didn’t seem to get cool until after Thanksgiving and even then you only needed a light jacket at night. So to have “fall weather” again, I love every second of it! In fact, I love everything about the fall- the cool weather, leaves turning, pumpkin carving, making soups to warm you up, wine festivals, and of course college football! SEC football to be exact- GOOOO DAWGS!!!

So back to these fall centerpieces, I started looking online for inspiration and while there are TONS of ideas out there I just took my favorites and gave them my own spin. Here’s a set of instructions for a quick DIY fall centerpiece.

Materials Needed:

  • Glass containers (I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $9.99 and $4.99) but I’ve seen them at Michaels’s, Hobby Lobby, and Marshalls
  • Jute (left over from my jute letter)
  • Decorative candles for your containers
  • Fall colored décor to put in jars. I used popcorn (2 bags), red beans (3 bags), and split green peas (3 bags). I’ve also seen people use candy corn, pine cones, heck anything fall-ish.
  • Some type of fabric to set your glass containers on. I bought one yard of burlap and one yard of some orange-y material from Hobby Lobby. One thing to note- I LOVE burlap (so reminds me of fall) BUT it sheds, so I’m always having to clean off my table. Not a big deal, but it’s just one other thing that I’m tidying up.


  • Start with one color of beans and pour into jars. Make sure to shake out the jar a bit to level it out. Then add your second layer (level out) and third (level out).
  • Add a candle
  • Tie it off with some jute (I used 2 strands)
  • Spread your fabric out, sit jars on top and voila! You have yourself a festive centerpiece!

Fall Centerpieces

Hope this inspires you or at least gets you in the mood to break out the fall colors and get to decorating! Happy Friday everyone :)

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