Fall Inspired Deco Mesh Wreath

Ahhh…. Deco Mesh. These two words are like music to my ears. If you’re not familiar with deco mesh, it’s one of the hottest, most popular ribbon products out there. It’s that metallic-y, mesh fabric that people use to make wreaths, displays, bows, and pretty much anything else fun and colorful you can think of. Seriously, the sky is the limit when it comes to deco mesh.

Fall Deco Mesh Wreath with Video Instructions @ The Sassy Momma

Since I’m on a fall kick (to my delight and my husband’s chagrin) almost everything I do- whether it’s crafting/baking/decorating is now fall related. I mean, why NOT celebrate this gorgeous time of the year?

With that being said, I had wanted to make a fall-inspired deco mesh wreath for our front door but was biding my time until it actually started to get chilly on a regular basis. After all, hanging a fall wreath in late August (when I had first wanted to make this) would be a bit premature, don’t you think? This weekend, however, was the perfect time to finally make one!

I’m going to show you how easy they are to make so that you can make one too- I promise, once you start making these you’ll find a reason to make one for every season or occasion!

Fall Inspired Deco Mesh Wreath


Materials Needed

  • 21” deco mesh ribbon
  • 5 ½“ deco mesh ribbon
  • Wreath frame (or you can use a wire hanger- just mold it to the shape of a circle). Just to note, I used a pretty large frame with 4 rings.
  • Pipe cleaners (in the same color as your large size of deco mesh ribbon)
  • Decorations for wreath (I used pumpkins with leaves and a twine “V” for our last name)


  • Start with your pipe cleaners and cut them in half. You will need one pipe cleaner for each crossbar and one for the space in between the crossbars. Twist pipe cleaner around crossbars (diagonally, around the 2 inner rings) and then in the space in between cross bars (around the 2 outer rings). This will be what holds the deco mesh in place.
  • Grab the 21” deco mesh and secure end to one of the pipe cleaners at a crossbar. This will be your starting/ending point. You’ll then grab about 9” of ribbon and make a pouf. Secure this to second pipe cleaner that’s tied at crossbar. You will continue to do this- make pouf, secure around crossbar, until you reach your starting point.
  • At this point you still have that extra pipe cleaner that’s secured in space between the crossbars (2 outer rings). Without making a cut, take the same deco mesh you’ve been using and do the same thing with the middle pipe cleaner- make pouf, secure at middle pipe cleaner. This adds fullness to your wreath. Once at starting/ending point, make cut and secure with pipe cleaner. With me so far? You’re done with the large deco mesh!
  • Now it’s time to grab your 5 ½” deco mesh (this will be a nice accent color) and secure to cross bar (on top of the large mesh) for your starting/ending point.
  • Take the mesh and weave in and out securing at both the crossbar and middle tie. You’re just adding this mesh on top of large mesh (make pouf, secure at crossbar, make pouf, secure at middle tie, etc.) until you reach your ending point. Make cut and secure with pipe cleaner.
  • Add any accents you have- I used the pumpkins with leaves and a twine “V” that I had made and voila! A fall-inspired deco mesh wreath!

Wasn’t that easy? Don’t be discouraged if your wreath doesn’t look great when you first start. In fact, mine looked pretty threadbare but as you add more poufs, you’ll see the fullness start to appear! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave one in the comments section and I’ll try to help in any way I can!

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Abby - Great tutorial! Thanks for posting, I will be making one!

August 22, 2014 - 2:27 pm

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Mechelle - Great tutorial! Easy to follow, fun to make. Thank you!

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Bernadette - Love it ! am going to make one for my classroom door!! Thank you

September 30, 2015 - 11:00 am

Karen DeMonaco - Super user friendly thank you!!