Baby V is a … Girl!!!

Yesterday was such a special day for Ryan and I because we found out the gender of our baby! And I am proud to say that come February, we will have a little GIRL joining our family :) To say we’re ecstatic is a bit of an understatement. From the get-go both Ryan and I thought it was a girl so that fact it is, is just so exciting!

The night before our appointment (Sunday) I couldn’t sleep a wink. I was pretty much tossing and turning all night with anticipation so when my alarm clock finally went off (6:15 am) I was more than ready to hop out of bed and get in the shower and get to the doctor’s office.

Once we arrived at the doctor’s office the time spent in the waiting room seemed like an eternity (in actuality, only 10 minutes). When they did finally call us back to the ultrasound room we told the tech right away that we did NOT want to find out the gender while at the doctor’s office. Instead, we asked if she could print out the sonogram picture that had the “it’s a boy/girl” shot and put it in an envelope so we could open it in front of the camera and record our actual expressions. She was so sweet and when she got to the part where she could tell the gender she was adamant that we closed our eyes and that there was no peaking. She even put a post-it note on top of the picture and sealed both in an envelope so we couldn’t try to look through the envelope in the light.

Once home, we got out the camera and some blue and pink cupcakes that I had made the night before to take some pictures. Now, you have to understand that I have a bit of a cupcake fetish. Our “save the dates” were cupcake related, at our wedding we served cupcakes instead of an actual cake, and anybody who knows me knows that I love anything related to cupcakes (aprons, PJ’s, coffee mugs, etc.) so it seemed fitting that we announce the gender of our baby- cupcake style.

Actual shots of us finding out Baby V’s gender

The first collage of photos has some overall shots of Ryan and I and the second collage is in sequence, opening the envelope that contained the gender photo and our actual expressions. To me, these photos are beyond priceless. There are so few surprises in life and to have this moment captured on film was so worth the wait.


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