Fall Burlap Banner

Ready for another fall craft? Then look no further than my “Happy Fall” burlap banner.  I’ve included step-by-step pictures so you’ll be able to knock one of these out in no time!

Every year Ryan and I host our annual pumpkin carving party and this year (even though we’re in a new city) is no exception. It’s really just a big excuse to hang out with our friends but there are pumpkins, chili, cornbread, and lots of drinks involved. Good times! I had wanted some type of fall themed banner for our mantle and I remembered when we got married how my mom had made us a “Just Married” sign that we hung on the car as we drove away. I thought, “hmm… same concept, I’ll just tweak the shape of the burlap a bit” and this is what I came up with.

Fall Burlap Banner

Materials Needed:

  • Burlap
  • Sharpie
  • Stencil of the shape you want your sign to be (I used a circle)
  • Scissors
  • Black & Orange paint
  • Brush for pain
  • Alphabet stencils
  • Twine rope
  • Hot glue gun


  • Trace your circle (or whatever shape you have chosen) with a Sharpie onto burlap. Make as many circles as needed. My banner read “Happy Fall” and had a pumpkin separating the two words so in total I needed 10 circles.


  • Once traced, cut out circles
  • Using your alphabet stencils and black paint, paint letters onto individual burlap circles. I also used the orange paint to draw a pumpkin.


  • Once paint has dried, hot glue twine rope to the top of each circle


There you go! You now have a rustic looking, burlap banner! You can definitely tweak this however you see fit. For example, the flags in my wedding banner were in the shape of triangles (like flags hanging on their side) instead of circles. Hope you have as much fun making this as I did!

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