My Current Reading List

Who knew that having a baby would require one to read so many books? Well, if you’re Type A and anal (like myself), you’ve probably read them all. From the start, I decided to take the strategy of choosing three that were widely recommended so that I didn’t go down that scary path of purchasing and reading all of the baby books at Barnes & Noble.

That’s right, three baby books. No more, no less. All three are completely different but I appreciate a difference in opinion. Ultimately, I decided I would take the points from each one that resonated with me (and the hubs) and we would go with that.


I have to say, that my favorite book so far is Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. Not only is the book extremely funny but what the author says is so true. To give you a little background if you’re not familiar with the book…

The author is an American woman who married a Brit and currently lives in Paris, France. Her main quest is to uncover why Parisian children are so much better behaved (whether it’s sleeping through the night at 3 months, eating balanced meals and not snacking all through the day like her child seems to do, or not acting poorly in public places- i.e. throwing temper tantrums at the toy store/market/etc.) than American children. Not only does she base her book on in-depth observation of her Parisian friends but also seeks out the advice of child experts who are known to be the best in their fields.

I’m not saying this is the book for everyone but even after spending a month traveling abroad in Europe, I have to attest that we saw countless couples at cafes with their children who were sitting quietly, behaving themselves, and enjoying dinner. This is such a difference compared to here in the States where we often see young children acting like wild banshees at dinner. I can think of many examples of times when I have seen young kids jumping out of their chairs, tearing up the sugar packets, emptying out saltshakers, and terrorizing the entire restaurant. With that being said, there seems to be a lot of great wisdom contained in this book and I intend to test out many pieces of her advice.

Do you have a favorite baby/parenting book? Please leave a comment below with information about a book that you have found to be great.

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