Nowhere To Go But Out!

This morning I had monthly appointment with Kim, my midwife.  Upon walking into the room she took one look at my stomach and said, “Well, well, it looks like somebody has had a nice growth spurt!” We both had to laugh because it’s true- last month, there was a little bump; now, there is no doubting that I am pregnant!

I know that this is true for all pregnancies… you continue to put on weight as time goes on. But, after measuring my belly, she said that my uterus is officially at my rib cage and to get ready because, and I’ll never forget these words, “there’s nowhere to go but out.”

26 Weeks

“What?! What do you mean there’s no more room? I have 14 more weeks to go!” I exclaimed. Of course she said not to worry, that this is common with petite (I’m barely 5’2’’), women with short torsos.  “You’ll just grow out.”

I have to laugh because already I can already see myself in the next 14 weeks, waddling around like a duck. Continuing to grow out and, most likely, down since there’s no more room at the top. Well, what can you do? It’s one of those things you suck up because you’re growing a human being inside of you! It takes work, but the outcome will be soooo worth it.

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