My Decision To Use A Midwife

Before I was pregnant I never gave a second thought about who would deliver my future baby. I have always believed that when I went into the delivery room, there would be a medical doctor at the other end of things. That’s at least what I thought. However, after going to my practice and seeing all six doctors, I wasn’t particularly feeling a connection with any of them. They were nice but I wanted more. I wanted a doctor who wouldn’t roll her eyes when I asked even the most mundane of pregnancy questions (I’m a first time mom here!) or, when I went for a visit, wouldn’t merely listen to the baby’s heartbeat and say “sounds good, have a great day.” I went into this practice knowing that even if I fell in love with one of the doctors, if they weren’t on call, then it would be one of their partners delivering our baby.

Bottom line- I wanted someone who would be excited about this pregnancy, just like I was. I wanted someone who would care.

Enter Kim Bennett, my midwife. That’s right, she’s a midwife. After talking with numerous women and hearing about their birth experiences, one woman’s stories stood out. One woman that I wanted to emulate if at all possible. She told me that she, too, went to the same practice that I did, but she saw the midwife instead of the doctors. When she told me this my ears immediately perked up and I wanted to hear more. I liked what she was telling me but I decided to schedule an appointment with Kim. After talking with her for almost an hour, I knew that I wanted to work with her, and wanted her to deliver our baby if she’d take me on. Luckily, she felt the connection too and she said, yes, she would be with me for the rest of my pregnancy.

Ina May

This is a fantastic book by Ina May, one of the leading Midwives in the country and talks about natural childbirth. If that’s something you’re interested in, I would highly recommend reading her book! Very empowering!

When I told some people that I had switched to a midwife, they thought I had gone a bit loony. Was I becoming Kourtney Kardashian and planning to deliver the baby at home? Or have a water birth? What if there was an emergency during delivery? Could she handle that? Where had my level-headedness gone? It wasn’t until hearing these questions that I realized there seems to be a big misconception about midwives. I’m here to share my experiences with my midwife as well as what I’ve learned about the midwife profession in general.

First off, while midwives aren’t doctors, they are specialists in low-risk pregnancies and tend to take a more holistic approach to childbirth. They generally have a lower rate of epidurals, episiotomies (Kim told me that this is a last resort and only does one if medically necessary), as well as c-sections. My experience with my midwife is that she seems to have much more time for me than the doctors in my practice did. Not only does she care about the baby, but also cares about me, how I’m doing, how I’m feeling, and whether I have any concerns. Overall, it seems like much more personalized care and less sterile.

To answer some other questions, we will be giving birth in the same hospital as if I were using a doctor (and not a home birth), there is always a doctor from the same practice on call 24/7 at the hospital, and if a c-section was needed that doctor would perform the surgery. Just because I’m using this midwife does not mean that she wouldn’t allow the use of an epidural if I wanted one. She is all about what you, the patient wants, and as long as the baby is alright then you can labor however you want (well, within reason).

Hopefully that you gives you a little food for thought. Like I said, I never envisioned seeing a midwife but I’m quickly finding out that it’s one of the best decisions I could have made. If you have any questions about my decision making process or about anything to do with the midwife in general, feel free to drop me a line!


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