Christmas Ornament Wreath

Good morning everyone! I was so excited to get this post out I could hardly contain myself. I love DIY projects and am always looking for something new to try out. What could be simpler than using a wire hanger, Christmas ornaments, a hot glue gun, and some ribbon all the while drinking hot chocolate and watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Answer: Nothing. So, grab all your materials, turn on your favorite show and in less than an hour you will have a fabulous Christmas ornament wreath to show for your hard work. For a little over $10, you can make this wreath yourself.

Happy Crafting!

DIY Ornament Wreath @ The Sassy Momma

Materials Needed:

  • Wire hanger
  • Christmas ornaments of various sizes (bought at the dollar store)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire ribbon (left over from some other project)
  • Two pipe cleaners


Shape hanger into circle. I speak from experience here, before you start stringing your ornaments onto your hanger, pop off the gold cap of your ornament and hot glue it to the ornament itself. I didn’t do this at first and my ornaments separated from the cap once they were on. Trust me- it’s worth the little extra time it takes.

Ornament Wreath

Now the fun part- start stringing ornaments onto hanger! I used large, medium, and small sizes. Just make sure you fill in the gaps as you go so you have a nice, full looking wreath.

Once finished with ornaments, connect ends of wire hanger and to secure further, use pipe cleaners to wrap around hanger.

Add a bow and voila! You’ve got yourself a fabulous looking Christmas wreath!


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