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Since Baby V is making her debut in a little over a month I have been in organization mode. I’ve been organizing our bedroom closets, linen closets, and my personal favorite- I have started putting together our family’s recipe book.

I have wanted to put together a recipe book (divided by category of course) for quite some time but never really felt the urge. I mean, after all, can’t you just go on Pinterest and pull up that awesome recipe you’ve pinned? Or simply Google the recipe you’re looking for? Well, those were my excuses for not doing it.

But then I realized that every Sunday afternoon when my husband and I sit down and go over what we’re making for the week and then make a list to go out grocery shopping (it’s always been our little ritual), we were spending more and more time just trying to come up with ideas for what we would eat during the week.

We would hem and haw over what to make and then we’d both go off in our separate ways, him to his huge Cook’s Illustrated book and me to Pinterest in search of our favorite dishes. Yeah, it was taking entirely too long. That’s when I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we had all of our favorite meals in one spot. That way, all we’d have to do is flip through one book, not the internet, cookbooks, magazine clippings, or various other spots we have been known to keep recipes (um- back of a receipt anyone?).

Needless to say, it’s a work in progress as we love to eat (and have far too many favorite recipes) but it’s getting there! And in the long haul, this is drastically going to save time when Sunday rolls around and we’re thinking “Hmmm…. what to make?” All we have to do is flip through our handy little recipe book!

What I used

My mom had actually given me a “Recipe Keeper” binder as a present when I first moved out to Dallas where it pretty much sat in a drawer the entire time. Fast-forward five years and it’s finally being utilized!

It truly has everything you need and you don’t have to buy anything extra. It already has tabs, which divide the categories (Appetizers, Soup/Salads, Main Dishes, etc.), sheet protectors, full-page & half-page recipe cards, stickers to mark favorite recipes and as an added bonus it also contains measurement conversions, wine pairings, etc. If you can find one of these I’d highly recommend buying it since it’s pretty much a one-stop shop. One thing I did add are these adorable Menu Planning/Grocery List pages from Mommy Tracked. They are adorable and ever so useful! You can download them here.

Otherwise, you can always make one from scratch using a 3-ring binder, cover protectors, and tabs. I personally love the Martha Stewart Home Office Line at Staples and think this would make a really cute recipe book!

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