34 Weeks :: Is that a chainsaw I hear?

I’m a week late in writing this (I’m actually at 35 weeks), but figured it was too funny not to share. So last week I woke up in the middle of the night to make one of my many bathroom trips and when I got back to bed I was just turning out the light when I noticed two things. No husband. No dog.

Where could they be? I checked the guest room and sure enough there they were curled up underneath the blankets. I asked my husband why he was in there (it was only midnight and we had gone to bed around 10ish) and in his slumber he said, “You’re snoring, it’s soooo loud! I can even hear it from this room.” I promised him I’d try to be quieter. Although in hindsight, I had no idea I was even snoring let alone that he had gotten out of bed. So, he got back into bed and back to sleep we went.

34 Weeks Pregnant Photo

The next morning as we were eating breakfast I brought up the infamous snoring. “How bad was it?” I asked him. “To put it mildly” he said, “Throughout the night I was having all of these awful dreams and the one common thread was that there continued to be a loud noise – ie, in one dream someone was chasing me with a chainsaw, and guess what? That was your snoring playing into my dream. To say it was loud is a gross understatement.” I immediately died laughing.

I mean, what’s a girl to do? It’s just one of those wonderful pregnancy things we (or in my case, my husband) must endure to get to the finish line. I told him to cheer up, we’re in the home stretch. And plus, there’s always the guest room…

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