Never thought I’d say this but…

I’m going to miss being pregnant!

I’ve been thinking about this for some time but I don’t think it really hit me until my good friend (who was due 4 days after me) ended up giving birth this past weekend. One minute you’re pregnant and the next you’re holding your sweet little babe in your arms. Although I cannot wait for that moment to happen, it made me think that I should enjoy this last little bit of time I have left being pregnant because who knows when and even if I’ll ever be pregnant again. Don’t get me wrong, I hope I will be, but nothing in life is ever certain so you just never know.

Sure, pregnancy has its drawbacks (morning sickness, heartburn, the need to constantly pee, not being able to get comfortable- especially in that 3rd trimester!) but, as I say, that’s just admission to the show. You can’t have the miracle of life without a few setbacks. And I’ll take these things any day to be able to carry a life inside of me. This has been one of the most incredible experiences and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Flash back just three months and I never would have thought I’d say the words, “I’m going to miss being pregnant” but it’s true! I really am.  So what exactly am I going to miss? Here’s the list…

Yes, I’ve grown to love “the bump”!

Always having someone to pal around with. It’s like I’m never really alone and feeling that little thump or jab every now and then makes me remember she’s there, snuggled up all nice and cozy.

The movement! It already makes me sad to think that once baby girl is here (in my arms) if I get a feeling in my tummy it’s not going to be her sweet kicks. Feeling your baby move inside of you is a one of kind experience and I wish every woman could experience this! Knowing that I, alone, am responsible for carrying this child is incredible.

The looks. When you’re pregnant, strangers and friends alike will just smile at you. They see the bump and bam- you’ve got a smile. I love it!

The sweet compliments. It’s true! And I think I love these even more than the looks. The baby bump is a total conversation piece. Seriously, I’ve had people young and old come up to me and just start talking. My favorite time was in our gym’s locker room; three ladies just came up to me and said that I was the cutest pregnant lady they had ever seen. It’s compliments like these that give you the extra pick me up when you feel like a beached whale. So folks- do it more often, it goes a long way!

Being pampered. Whether it’s being bumped to first class on the airplane (thank you Delta), people holding doors open for you, or just getting an extra long foot rub from your husband. Enjoy it! Nine months goes by fast!

Having pregnancy as an excuse.  Not that I’m one for excuses but this one is so valid. “I don’t want to eat that for dinner” (I’m pregnant). “Oops, I left wet clothes in the washer and completely forgot about them” (Pregnancy brain). “I need a nap” (carrying another life can be tiring) or simply, “I’d love another slice of cake.” You’re pregnant and you can say these things. So go for it!

The newness of it all. Being that this was my first pregnancy, everything seemed so remarkable. First time we heard our baby’s heartbeat, first sonogram, when my belly finally “popped”, yes, even the morning sickness, baby’s first kicks, and hiccups. Almost everyday you get to experience something new.

The miracle of life. Call it a cliché (& I kind of feel like I’m in the Lion King here- wait, is that the circle of life? See, pregnancy brain…) but watching and feeling your baby grow from a pea sized fetus, to the size of a peanut, I remember our first sonogram, our baby was only 1 ½ inches long, to the size of an apple and so on. It’s beyond incredible and already I feel like “what an accomplishment!” You have something that started off as cells and by the time she’s fully baked you’ve got yourself a little human. Nothing short of amazing.

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