3 Day Potty Training Review

Potty train your kid in 3 days? No way. Is that even possible? Well my fellow momma friends, we tried it last weekend and I am here to tell you that yes, it definitely is. At least it was for us. Now going into this I had ZERO expectations. ZERO. However, I was motivated by the fact that 1) this method worked for my friend and her 2 year old son, 2) we’re going to Spain for a month and I really didn’t want to tote diapers around with us and 3) Harper could definitely recognize when she went pee and would say to me (while pointing to the front of her diaper) “Momma, pee-pee”. In my eyes, if she was cognizant that she went, she was at least ready enough for us to give potty training a try.

So, we got Lora Jensen’s ebook that my friend had used, and read it front to back even highlighting the parts that I wanted to remember when things got tough (because I knew they would and I’d want to throw in the towel). We had an action plan ready so last Saturday morning we did it. Here’s how it played out…

3 Day Potty Training

Day 1:

Saturday, 8 am: I pack all of Harper’s diapers (that’s what the book says to do) and put them in a garbage bag. We tell her that they she is a big girl now and big girls need to wear big girl panties and diapers are for babies. So far, she’s goes along with it. Phew…

We show her the sticker chart, M & M’s and prize bin to get her excited about going in the potty. We tell her to let us know when she needs to go potty and when she goes, she’ll get not only a sticker but an M & M as well.

Potty Training 2

Saturday, 10:30 am: So far she’s had 6 accidents (all pee) in panties. At first she didn’t want to sit on potty (was very scared and would freak out) but after lots of encouragement, watching Ryan and I go to the bathroom, and the constant allure of M & M’s, H is now sitting on her own. We continue to remind her to tell us when she needs to go pee (we say this hundreds of times over the weekend, no joke).

Saturday, 10:45 am: She started to whine, “pee-pee” so I grabbed her and rushed her to the toilet but nothing happened. She came back to her ipad and went all in her panties. You should see the collection of panties we now have… it’s starting to look like a frat house in her playroom. Note- have around 30 pairs of undies, otherwise you’ll be doing laundry all the time.

Saturday, 11:00 am: She starts to dribble, recognizing that she is going but we don’t make it to the potty in time (literally an arms length away). It ends up all over the bathroom floor. Hey, at least it’s hardwood and super easy to wipe up.

Time to bring out the big guns: watered down apple juice, a major treat as she never gets juice. Wow, just demolishes it. It’s not 5 minutes later and has a HUGE pee! ½ ends up in her panties and ½ goes in the potty. Ironically, it gets all over the potty training book (it was sitting on the floor next to us). A minor casualty but I can tell she is starting to understand when she needs to go. Hashtag progress :)

Saturday 12 pm: She runs to the potty and starts to pee in her panties. Luckily, her panties were mostly pulled down so she gets a ton of it in the potty! For this momentous achievement, she gets two M & M’s and a sticker. Hmm… maybe this is working.

3 Day Potty Training Bootcamp Review

Saturday 12:30 pm: Lora Jensen says to put them down for their nap in underwear so that’s what we do. Normally she falls right asleep but I can hear her tossing and turning.

Saturday 1:00 pm: From her crib she screams, “Pee!!!” so I run upstairs and take her to the potty and she goes! I run downstairs to get her a reward and give her lots of praise.

Saturday 1:30 pm: She’s still not asleep so Ryan goes up to rock her. He can’t get her to sleep because (we think) she’s concerned about getting her panties wet. We assure her that accidents do happen and if one does it’s ok.

Saturday 2:30 pm: H never went to sleep so we bring her down to her playroom. She has a small accident because she doesn’t sit long enough to finish peeing all the way. No biggie.

Saturday 3:00 pm: Time for a pop quiz- “where do big girls go pee-pee?” and “what do you get when you go pee-pee in the potty?’ Her answers: “Potty” and “M & M’s.” Her second answer is said with a cartoon-like deviant voice because chocolate is a real treat and not something she gets every day. Hey, whatever works… I’ve never been one to bribe but I may have found my child’s weak spot.

She recognizes twice that she needs to go, says “pee-pee” and she goes in the potty. So far her count for stickers is 7: two dribbles and five real pees.

Saturday 3:55 pm: Watching Sesame Street shows on her ipad and she starts to get antsy so she stands up and we run to the toilet. She pees!

Saturday 5:00 pm: Dinner

3 Day Potty Training Bootcamp

Saturday 6:30 pm: While reading books in her playroom she tells me she needs to go. Seriously, I’m surprised that this is working but also super happy.

Saturday 6:45 pm: Maybe it’s the bath water running but she goes pee (in potty) while I am filling up her tub.

Saturday 7:00 pm: Bedtime! Lora Jensen says to put them in real underwear for naptime and bedtime but because of the naptime debacle, she’s going to bed in pull-ups. Honestly, I’m fine with that. She just turned two and if she could keep herself dry I’d be amazed but I’m thinking it won’t happen. I just want our little girl to sleep… so pull-ups it is.

Saturday 7:30 pm: It’s been a long day- physically and mentally exhausting even though we haven’t left the house. However, if this 3-day potty training bootcamp DOES work, it will all be worth it. That, my friends, is what motivates us to keep going. Day 2 coming soon…

Potty Training Bootcamp

Cheers to a long day!

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