DIY :: Wood Slice Sign

Good Morning fellow sassy mommas! I know I’ve pretty much been MIA all summer but I’m back and I have some great crafts to share with you. Think: won’t-break-the-bank chalk paint “furniture makeover” ; a new (non-wreath) door hanger, and; a few other fun crafty things that are easy and impressive. So stay tuned!

Today, I’d like to share with you the easiest nap-time craft that’s sure to impress your guests when they walk in the door. Not to mention, this craft doesn’t require a ton of materials. In fact, you probably have everything-except for an appropriate piece of wood-on hand already. For the wood slice, you can find it almost any craft store; I’ve seen them recently at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and even Marshalls. (If you do go to the craft store, don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon!)

DIY Wood Slice

DIY Wood Slice Sign

Materials Needed:

  • Wood slice (I bought a Medium sized one)
  • Paint (I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White but any will do)
  • Permanent Pen and Pencil
  • Masking tape


First thing you want to do is paint the inside of the wood slice. I used the tree rings as my edge. Just know, it won’t be a perfect circle, and that’s OK. This is supposed to be rustic looking :)

DIY Wood Slice Once the paint has dried, you can stencil your name/quote/whatever else you’d like to put on your sign. I personally love the look of faux calligraphy but am definitely not good enough yet to free hand it so I downloaded the “Antrokas” font from and typed out our last name. To transfer the font, I discovered a super-simple method. First, with a pencil, shade in each individual letter on the back of the printed paper. Next, tape the paper to your wood slice to keep it from moving. Third, press really hard and outline the letters; once you have done this, you will have an outline in pencil. Finally, use a permanent pen (I used a Sharpie fine point) to color the open space. For the “Est. 2011,” I simply free handed that.

DIY Wood Slice @ The Sassy Momma Once that’s complete, you’re all done! Was that easy-peasy or what? Now you have a beautiful, rustic looking wood sign that’s perfect for any entryway, buffet, or any other place you can think to put it. You could also paint the other side with black chalk paint and have a sign that changes depending on the season. From “Happy Fall Y’all” to “Merry Christmas”. Basically, two crafts in one!

DIY Wood Sign @ The Sassy Momma

When you’ve finished your wood sign, post a picture of it on Instagram and tag #thesassymomma — I’d love to see how yours turns out!

Happy Crafting!

Xoxo Lindsey

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