DIY :: Faux Metal Letters

It’s no secret that I love the rustic, farmhouse chic look but every now and then I also get a taste for the industrial mid- century modern look and today’s craft is just that! I was looking for ideas for our “playroom bathroom” as I call it because it’s right off of Harper’s playroom. Real original name, I know. I really liked the idea of metal letters spelling out “WASH” since that’s what I keep on preaching to Harper “You’ve got to WASH, WASH, WASH…Wash those hands…” Ps- that’s from one of Debbie Doo’s songs and it’s pretty catchy if I might add. Regardless, this was the look I was going for but I didn’t want to shell out a ton of money for the zinc letters so I figured, why not DIY? I already had spray paint so all I needed was some letters! A trip to the store and $10 later I was ready to go. The tutorial is below :)

DIY Metal Letters @ The Sassy Momma DIY Metal Letters (This post contains some Amazon affiliate links)

Materials Needed:


DIY Metal Letters @ The Sassy Momma

Simply spray the letters with your spray paint. I gave mine two coats because after the first coat you could still see some cardboard spots. Once dry, use these guys to hang. Ps- I still need to do that, but I forget (mom brain) every time I’m at the store to buy more so for now they’re still stacked under in the vanity cabinet. I would love to see what you guys come up with too! Post your pictures to either my FB page or IG and tag #thesassymomma.

DIY Metal Letters @ The Sassy Momma

Happy Crafting!

Xoxo Lindsey

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