We’re Expecting… Again!!!

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous spring weather! I know up here in Erie we have had a few glorious days that have truly felt like spring- which of course meant I had to break out my white pants, coral colored top and gold sandals… But, alas, it’s now back down to the 30s. I’m crossing my fingers this cold air leaves soon and we can get back to warm(er) weather and sunshine!

Just like spring showers bring new flowers- this new season brings something new for our family. A BABY :) In fact, a Baby GIRL will join us on August 5th! We are so excited and happy for her arrival. But I’m pretty sure the happiest person in our family is our 3 year old, Harper. She, without a doubt, cannot wait to be a big sister. In fact, she regularly asks, “Is it August yet? I’m ready for baby to be here!” Every time we have gone for an ultrasound, she thinks that we are going to pick up her little sister and bring her home. Needless to say, the ultrasound pictures do not do her justice. Harper wants a real live baby to cart home. Patience, grasshopper, she’ll come. And then, it’ll be a whole new ballgame.

Second Pregnancy Announcement @ The Sassy Momma

This week I’ll be 20 weeks along- crazy! It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway there! This being my second, I’ve felt this baby move so much sooner than with Harper and I LOVE it. I also have to say, that I am THRILLED to be having another GIRL. I think there’s something so special about a sister having a sister. I have a little sister and absolutely love her to pieces. I know Harper will make the greatest big sister ever as she’s taken to babies for as long as I can remember. Ever the nurturer, she adores all my friends’ babies and loves playing with them. Here’s to hoping those same sentiments remain when our little one arrives :)

I probably won’t be posting pregnancy updates nearly as much as I did for my first pregnancy but I’ll be sure to sprinkle some posts in, so stay tuned!

Xoxo Lindsey

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