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Second Pregnancy Announcement @ The Sassy Momma

We’re Expecting… Again!!!

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous spring weather! I know up here in Erie we have had a fewView full post »

Is it time to let go?

This morning was just like any other. Well, Mondays are always a little more hectic than most as that’s when I’mView full post »

3 Day Potty Training Review

Potty train your kid in 3 days? No way. Is that even possible? Well my fellow momma friends, we tried it last weekendView full post »

It Wasn’t the Cat That Had My Baby’s Tongue…

Good morning friends! Where has this summer gone? I feel like it has flown by at light speed. Up here in Erie the coolerView full post »


The “Perfect” Diaper Bag?

If you’re having a baby sometime soon (or have just had one), your list of must-have items includes the diaper bag. IfView full post »

MOC Giveaway @ The Sassy Momma

GIVEAWAY Time: Win MOC Swag!

Good Morning Sassy Mommas! As most of you probably know, last week I wrote about getting Harper to sleep through theView full post »

How to make homemade baby food- the easy way!

Homemade Baby Food: The Only Thing You’ll Miss Are the Little Jars

Homemade baby food. Some friends think it’s crazy that I make my own, but when I explain the why and the how and howView full post »

Sleep Training Your Baby

Sleeping Like a Baby

I would have liked to have written this post a loooooong time ago. But when we were in the trenches with Harper notView full post »

The Sassy Momma is Back!

Hello again fellow sassy mommas! Did you think I just up and disappeared? I didn’t…but I did put the blog on hiatusView full post »

Harper :: 9 Months

Our baby girl is officially 9 months old today! Three-quarters of a year old. She has now been out of my belly forView full post »

Harper 6 Months Old @ The Sassy Momma

Harper :: Six Months Old

Happy Six Month Birthday to our sweet baby girl! Harper is by far the best, most exciting thing that has ever happenedView full post »

Harper’s Baptism

What an INCREDIBLE weekend we have just had. This weekend Harper was baptized. Not only did a ton of our family comeView full post »

Harper 5 Month Update

Harper :: Five Months Old

Not only is Miss Harper five months old today but she is also two pounds heavier than she was a month ago.  I feel likeView full post »

The Decision I Never Thought I’d Have to Make

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been the past week, well, let’s just say I’ve been facing what has felt like aView full post »

Harper- 4 months @ The Sassy Momma

Harper :: Four Months

It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come in four months. I remember giving birth like it was yesterday. QuietlyView full post »