Meet Lindsey

Meet Lindsey @ The Sassy Momma Since leaving Corporate America to become a SAHM, Lindsey has embraced her new role as a “Home  Economist” and set out to make it fun.

She’s a cloth diapering, baby wearing, cupcake & sweet tea loving momma who embraces all that motherhood has to offer.

A girl who didn’t even know how to bake a potato when she first lived on her own, she has transitioned to a woman who bakes, sews, makes all sorts of crafts, and much more. Through trial and error, this momma has found her style.

Join Lindsey to discuss all things mommy-ish, food, and DIY. Just because you’re a momma doesn’t mean you can’t be sassy and fabulous at the same time!

To find out more about Lindsey click here.

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