3 Day Potty Training Review

Potty train your kid in 3 days? No way. Is that even possible? Well my fellow momma friends, we tried it last weekend and I am here to tell you that yes, it definitely is. At least it was for us. Now going into this I had ZERO expectations. ZERO. However, I was motivated by the fact that 1) this method worked for my friend and her 2 year old son, 2) we’re going to Spain for a month and I really didn’t want to tote diapers around with us and 3) Harper could definitely recognize when she went pee and would say to me (while pointing to the front of her diaper) “Momma, pee-pee”. In my eyes, if she was cognizant that she went, she was at least ready enough for us to give potty training a try.

So, we got Lora Jensen’s ebook that my friend had used, and read it front to back even highlighting the parts that I wanted to remember when things got tough (because I knew they would and I’d want to throw in the towel). We had an action plan ready so last Saturday morning we did it. Here’s how it played out…

3 Day Potty Training

Day 1:

Saturday, 8 am: I pack all of Harper’s diapers (that’s what the book says to do) and put them in a garbage bag. We tell her that they she is a big girl now and big girls need to wear big girl panties and diapers are for babies. So far, she’s goes along with it. Phew…

We show her the sticker chart, M & M’s and prize bin to get her excited about going in the potty. We tell her to let us know when she needs to go potty and when she goes, she’ll get not only a sticker but an M & M as well.

Potty Training 2

Saturday, 10:30 am: So far she’s had 6 accidents (all pee) in panties. At first she didn’t want to sit on potty (was very scared and would freak out) but after lots of encouragement, watching Ryan and I go to the bathroom, and the constant allure of M & M’s, H is now sitting on her own. We continue to remind her to tell us when she needs to go pee (we say this hundreds of times over the weekend, no joke).

Saturday, 10:45 am: She started to whine, “pee-pee” so I grabbed her and rushed her to the toilet but nothing happened. She came back to her ipad and went all in her panties. You should see the collection of panties we now have… it’s starting to look like a frat house in her playroom. Note- have around 30 pairs of undies, otherwise you’ll be doing laundry all the time.

Saturday, 11:00 am: She starts to dribble, recognizing that she is going but we don’t make it to the potty in time (literally an arms length away). It ends up all over the bathroom floor. Hey, at least it’s hardwood and super easy to wipe up.

Time to bring out the big guns: watered down apple juice, a major treat as she never gets juice. Wow, just demolishes it. It’s not 5 minutes later and has a HUGE pee! ½ ends up in her panties and ½ goes in the potty. Ironically, it gets all over the potty training book (it was sitting on the floor next to us). A minor casualty but I can tell she is starting to understand when she needs to go. Hashtag progress :)

Saturday 12 pm: She runs to the potty and starts to pee in her panties. Luckily, her panties were mostly pulled down so she gets a ton of it in the potty! For this momentous achievement, she gets two M & M’s and a sticker. Hmm… maybe this is working.

3 Day Potty Training Bootcamp Review

Saturday 12:30 pm: Lora Jensen says to put them down for their nap in underwear so that’s what we do. Normally she falls right asleep but I can hear her tossing and turning.

Saturday 1:00 pm: From her crib she screams, “Pee!!!” so I run upstairs and take her to the potty and she goes! I run downstairs to get her a reward and give her lots of praise.

Saturday 1:30 pm: She’s still not asleep so Ryan goes up to rock her. He can’t get her to sleep because (we think) she’s concerned about getting her panties wet. We assure her that accidents do happen and if one does it’s ok.

Saturday 2:30 pm: H never went to sleep so we bring her down to her playroom. She has a small accident because she doesn’t sit long enough to finish peeing all the way. No biggie.

Saturday 3:00 pm: Time for a pop quiz- “where do big girls go pee-pee?” and “what do you get when you go pee-pee in the potty?’ Her answers: “Potty” and “M & M’s.” Her second answer is said with a cartoon-like deviant voice because chocolate is a real treat and not something she gets every day. Hey, whatever works… I’ve never been one to bribe but I may have found my child’s weak spot.

She recognizes twice that she needs to go, says “pee-pee” and she goes in the potty. So far her count for stickers is 7: two dribbles and five real pees.

Saturday 3:55 pm: Watching Sesame Street shows on her ipad and she starts to get antsy so she stands up and we run to the toilet. She pees!

Saturday 5:00 pm: Dinner

3 Day Potty Training Bootcamp

Saturday 6:30 pm: While reading books in her playroom she tells me she needs to go. Seriously, I’m surprised that this is working but also super happy.

Saturday 6:45 pm: Maybe it’s the bath water running but she goes pee (in potty) while I am filling up her tub.

Saturday 7:00 pm: Bedtime! Lora Jensen says to put them in real underwear for naptime and bedtime but because of the naptime debacle, she’s going to bed in pull-ups. Honestly, I’m fine with that. She just turned two and if she could keep herself dry I’d be amazed but I’m thinking it won’t happen. I just want our little girl to sleep… so pull-ups it is.

Saturday 7:30 pm: It’s been a long day- physically and mentally exhausting even though we haven’t left the house. However, if this 3-day potty training bootcamp DOES work, it will all be worth it. That, my friends, is what motivates us to keep going. Day 2 coming soon…

Potty Training Bootcamp

Cheers to a long day!

5 Ways to Stay Healthy

Our family is healthy not skinny. Although, truth be told, we are probably skinny by today’s standards, I want our daughter to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I want her to understand that we don’t eat the way we do and work out the way we do in order to be skinny… we do it to be healthy. Our health is something we don’t take for granted. Not for one second. So why wouldn’t we want to be the best versions of ourselves that we could be? That means making healthy choices in the foods we eat and making working out a priority. Granted, I no longer go to the gym as often as I did pre-baby but I do find activities that burn calories and I can do with Harper. So how do we do this? Let me share a few things that have helped us.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy

1). Meal Planning is KEY. Seriously, this is one of my biggest pieces of advice and Ryan and I have done it ever since we got married. It’s one of our Sunday activities. We sit down together (usually during H’s afternoon nap) and make a list of what we’ll have for dinner each night. After that, we come up with a grocery list that will produce those meals, along with whatever else we need for breakfasts and lunches. This helps us from buying unnecessary items (and spend more money) as well as keeps us from just randomly snacking because we know what we’re going to eat and we can stick with it.

2). Create Go-To Breakfast and Lunch Meals and always have those items on hand. By that I mean that there are probably several things you gravitate to for breakfast and lunch. Make your list and always have it those items in the fridge so if you’re thinking, “I don’t know what I should eat,” you already have a list of what you can make. For our breakfasts, it’s smoothies, scrambled eggs with cheese and peppers, oatmeal with frozen or fresh berries and a little bit of maple syrup or brown sugar, breakfast sandwiches (English muffin, cheese, ham) with some fruit on the side, yogurt with granola and berries, or, if all else fails, a bowl of Cheerios and a banana. For lunch, we love wraps so a whole-wheat tortilla filled with fresh deli meat and cheese, spinach leaves, tomato, and a little smear of laughing cow cheese. I could eat this every day. Sides- veggies and hummus, apple with peanut butter, and some string cheese.

Go-To Breakfast and Lunches 3). Sunday Snack Prep Day. That’s right, on Sundays I always prep our snacks for the week. It sounds tedious but really it’s not. I wash and chop up the veggies (bell peppers, carrots, celery, broccoli, and cauliflower are a few favs) and then they’re ready to go for when we want to snack. They’re great dipped in hummus as well as a homemade ranch dip. I also make my homemade Lara bars, which are snack favorites here as well. Other snack items include- sharp cheddar with a few dates, almonds, laughing cow cheese and some wheat thins, fruit, greek yogurt with honey, and homemade trail mix (peanuts, almonds, dried fruit, dark chocolate chips).

Snack Prep

4). Make Working Out a Priority. This is probably my biggest struggle (because of the time factor) but it is so important. Healthy eating alone isn’t going to keep you toned. You have to work at it and the results will make you happy. The key is finding something you actually enjoy doing that doesn’t seem like a work out. During the summer, I took Harper walking in our neighborhood almost every morning. That’s 50 pounds I was pushing up and down hills for 45 minutes. That’ll get your booty and quads toned. What else? We like road biking at the peninsula, playing tennis, yoga, workout DVDs (Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels), and now that it’s winter, cross country skiing! If I actually get to the gym I love doing classes- step, zumba, pilates, weights. The key is just to do something and stick with it. I always think “I can spend at least half an hour for my health” and that’s the truth.

Workout pics

5). Keep the Junk OUT OF THE HOUSE. This may seem like a simple statement but it truly makes a difference. If you don’t buy junk food, you won’t have it around to eat. If you’re going to snack, you’re forced to make healthy choices. I’m not saying that you never get to eat “junk food” but if you do, do it moderation. Case in point, today after church we went out for breakfast and what did I have? The chicken fried steak covered in gravy with 2 eggs, 2 slices and Italian toast, home fries, and a coffee. Just writing all of that makes me laugh. I’m not even 5’2’’ yet I still managed to eat every single bite (to be fair, I didn’t eat dinner, as I’m still full). But that’s not the norm; I can’t tell you the last time I ate a meal like that. Was it delicious? Yes. Will I eat again anytime soon? Definitely not.

So there are five basic strategies to stay healthy. They work for our family. What strategies work for you?

It Wasn’t the Cat That Had My Baby’s Tongue…

Good morning friends! Where has this summer gone? I feel like it has flown by at light speed. Up here in Erie the cooler weather has begun and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel Ahhh-mazing. I know that I have been MIA here on the blog over the summer but that was because we have been spending as much time as possible outdoors enjoying the mid-70s weather. With that being said, by the nighttime we were all so ready to crash which meant The Sassy Momma was put on the back burner. I’m back in action so let’s get to it!

Summer2014collage Today I’m going to talk about tongue and lip ties. It’s something that until my child was diagnosed with it I really wasn’t all too familiar with. However, I now share this information with every woman who is struggling to nurse in the hope that it might be a possible solution to her problems.

If you can recall from a previous post, I wrote about how we had to supplement feed when Harper was 4 months old. At the time, it was devastating to me; but, in hindsight, it was the best decision we could have made. She shot up from being in the first percentile in weight to over the 90th. Well, I never followed up that post but we did eventually find out what was causing all of those nursing issues.

Here you can see how there is a cleft in her tongue (it looks dimpled in the center)

Here you can see how there is a cleft in her tongue (it looks dimpled or heart shaped in the center)

I’m sure you can guess what it was- not only was Harper tongue-tied but lip-tied as well. And NO ONE (not her pediatrician, lactation consultant in the hospital, lactation consultant that I saw regularly) caught it until she was SIX months old. The funny thing, all of the telltale signs were there. Her failure to latch caused me to even ask about whether she was tongue-tied while we were still in the hospital after she was born (FYI: my sister was tongue-tied and it went undiagnosed until she was 18; tongue-ties tend to be hereditary). The LC assured me she wasn’t and brushed off my question. It just goes to show you that you, momma, have to be your baby’s biggest advocate and if something doesn’t seem right, keep pressing until something is done.

tongue tie classifications lip tie classification

Luckily, Harper’s condition was eventually discovered (by a new LC) and we had both corrected by Dr. Kotlow in Albany, NY, who is one of the leading pediatric dentists in tongue- and lip-tie corrections. I can’t say enough great things about our experience there. Dr. Kotlow was so helpful over email as well as by phone and Harper’s procedure took less than 5 minutes. Even now, after hearing about two of my girlfriend’s struggles with nursing I urged both of them to get into contact with Dr. Kotlow and, sure enough, both of their children had tongue- and lip-ties.

Below, I’ve included a chart outlining some of the key indicators for both mommy and baby of what to look for if you think your child might be tongue/lip tied. You can also find more information on Dr. Kotlow’s website, which I found to be extremely helpful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section and I’ll answer as quickly as I can!

tongue tie symptoms

Xoxo Lindsey

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

One of my guilty pleasures in life is reading trash mags. You know the kind- US Weekly, People, and the like. You read them and then talk with your sister and friends about this week’s “top stories” like we actually know these people. As I tell my husband, no we’re not crazy, yes we are girls. So why do I bring this up? Because one of the “articles” I love is the “What’s In My Bag.” Since yesterday I showed you the bags I carry, today I thought I’d show you what’s exactly in them.

Ps. I’m so go glad I wrote these posts because I really needed to clean out the crumbs, empty gum wrappers, ridiculous amounts of pens and crumpled up grocery lists that were floating around in my bag. I mean, I am a mom (who’s not always the most organized) after all.


Happy Reading! (Post contains some Amazon affiliate links)

Xoxo Lindsey

A quick glance at everything I carry in my Diaper Bag

A quick glance at everything…

Snacks are a must for mom and baby! My go-to’s include: sliced apples, sharp cheddar cheese stick, homemade Larabar, homemade trail mix (includes almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, dried blueberries, raisins, and dark chocolate), and of course a Dr. Browns sippy cup of milk for miss H and a Hydro Flask (the only brand I’ll use because it keeps liquid cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours) of water for myself.

I always have chapstick on me. I love Burt’s Bees (Harper does too), as well as L’Occitane shea butter lip balm and hand cream (in Passionate Jasmin). And, yes, after having a baby I’m super sweaty (gross, I know) so I always keep a travel size of Dove deodorant on me.

Aviator sunglasses are a classic and I think almost everyone can rock a pair. I love my Ray-Bans, and have had them for 6+ years now as well my green Kate Spade wallet that my sister got me.

Diapers and wipes are in every mom’s diaper bag. (Sometimes we forget to restock, though, and I can’t tell you the number of moms I have met via requests for one or the other. Mom’s take care of each other – I love that!) I always have at least one FuzziBunz or Charlie Banana cloth diaper and one disposable. I also carry wipes in my handy Petunia Picklebottom refillable container and a hot pink Bummis wet bag to hold any nasty diapers.

Now that it’s summer, sunscreen and hats are a must. I use Aveeno Baby on Harper and Coppertone Sheer for myself. I also have a cute little bucket hat covered in popsicles for Harper, hand sanitizer, and this handy reusable place mat (it’s the clear thing folded up) in case we go out to eat.

Books and toys to keep your little one occupied. Here are two of her favorite books, “Is Your Momma a Llama” and “Baby Signs” and Little People toys seem to capture her imagination for more than a few minutes.

The “Perfect” Diaper Bag?

If you’re having a baby sometime soon (or have just had one), your list of must-have items includes the diaper bag. If you are like me then you have done your research. You want a bag that is pretty much all-encompassing. It is going to take you from the newborn stage all the way through toddlerhood (and who knows, maybe beyond). You want something chic, that doesn’t scream (I’M FOR A BABY) yet is still super practical. Oh, and it can’t be too girly so your husband never wants to carry it should he be out and about with the little one. So what’s a momma to do? I’m going to break down the three (yep, you heard me, three) bags I’ve used since having Harper.

The "Perfect" Diaper Bag First off, I’ve come to the conclusion there is not one right, one-size-fits-all diaper bag. You might come close, but sooner or later something has to give. That’s why my advice is to not spend a ridiculous amount on one because a baby’s needs change and that humongous bag you need to carry in the beginning seems a bit ridiculous when your child is older. So here are my bags…

Petunia Picklebottom ‘Boxy Glazed’ Backpack Diaper Bag

I remember when I was doing my research I came across this bag and thought “Perfect!” Not only can it be worn as a backpack, but it can also be worn as a shoulder bag. There are TONS of compartments (great for wipes, bottles, pacifiers, and the like). The outside is coated with cotton canvas so it is easy to wipe clean and it comes with a super soft (and padded) change pad so you can change your baby anywhere and they will be comfortable. I also liked all of the patterns that they offered and that Petunia Picklebottom, in general, (at least in my eyes) was super trendy YET very practical. The one thing I wasn’t so keen on was the price: $190 at Nordstrom. Yikes! I waited and when I came across the color I had been wanting at Nordstrom Rack for half the price, I bought it.

Petunia Picklebottom I really loved this bag. I love how organized I could keep things (with all of those little compartments) but once Harper hit a certain age (I want to say 6 months old), it became too bulky. She was getting heavier so toting that bag plus her in her car seat carrier or strapped to me in her Ergo was just too much. This led me to Bag #2.

Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Shoulder Tote

This is actually not a diaper bag. It’s just a regular tote. Side note, this was the one thing I bought in Paris when we were traveling through Europe. So of course, there’s some sentimental value for me, too. But I switched to this bag because the footprint is so much smaller than the Petunia Picklebottom. There are no compartments, just one inside pocket that can hold some chapstick and a pack of gum. It’s nylon so, once again, it’s super easy to wipe clean. It’s not a bulky bag and can be folded flat (which I love) so it’s great for traveling. And, it doesn’t shout “Diaper Bag” because it’s not one.

Longchamp Tote I eventually had to switch though because now that it’s summer I’m carrying a lot more: water (for both Harper and I), sunscreen, hats, etc. This wouldn’t be a problem to carry in the Longchamp except I’m still carrying Harper, too (she’s close to walking but not there yet), so a tote bag on one shoulder and a 25-pounder on the other equals a lot of weight to juggle and a sore back at the end of every day. That’s why I’ve now moved on to Bag #3.

Vera Bradley Puffy Backpack

Once again, this isn’t an actual diaper bag but a regular Vera backpack. As soon as I saw my friend carrying this I thought, brilliant. Now, both of my hands (and sides) could be free so it would be easy to switch Harper from side to side when we were out or pick her up without worrying a tote would fall off of my shoulder when I went to pick her up. Great things about this bag? It’s made of puffy quilted polyester, so it’s super easy to clean. It has different compartments inside and out so I can safely nuzzle my water bottle and Harper’s sippy cup into the outside pockets. It has a flat bottom so it sits upright. The straps are padded making it super comfortable to wear and it has a drawstring with flap front and push-lock closure. This will guarantee that nothing will fall out.

Vera Bradley Backpack Overall, I think this is fantastic backpack and enjoy wearing it. I especially love the bright print of it, as it reminds me of Spain. If you want a backpack- this one is awesome!

Final Thoughts

As I stated earlier, I still don’t think there’s a one size fits all solution. However, if you do find one, please send a sister a message, you know how to reach me :)

Ps. If you want to know what’s actually in my bag, check back tomorrow!

Xoxo Lindsey

May 28, 2014 - 3:35 pm

Caroline - I’ve seen several moms of little boys who carry the smallest size L.L. Bean bookbag (just their basic 2 compartment bag) once their kids are walking/older. I’m sure for the same reason you swapped! With the boy’s monogram on the book bag it seemed pretty clever since they could send them off to school with it later on. Not sure why I haven’t seen a little girl with one yet, though!

June 6, 2014 - 11:47 am

Sara Neisslie - Love this post!! I’m going to be a first time mom in November and have been debating different diaper bags. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see your post about essentials inside the bag :)